Sue Osborn, Illustrator

"Bringing enchantment to the world through illustration."

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When I was in kindergarten I created surprise cards with a one third fold showing a partial drawing on the outside. When the folded portion was lifted up, the completed drawing was exposed on the inside. One example was a partial drawing of a mommy dog. When the card was opened up, the mommy dog was shown completely drawn with a litter of puppies.

Thus began my journey into art and design.

Drawing has always been my door to recognition, my claim to fame, what made me stand out from others. Back in the 50s when paper was a real commodity, I remember the joy of being handed paper that hadn't been used for anything else, a clean, flawless slate for me to draw whatever I wanted.

I always welcomed the opportunity to enter drawing contests. One contest was to draw a scene from Cinderella for a play at Western Washington College. I won $5 for first place. This was a lot of money back in the 50s! Another contest, sponsored by a large food company, was to finish drawing a cherry pie. I placed first and won a helicopter ride.

The town I grew up in had a float contest for their annual Blossomtime Festival. The year I entered I won first place for the Blossom Time parade float design.

Then there were all the opportunities in school. In the seventh grade I created cartoons for the school monthly bulletin and was the art editor for the school yearbook. In 12th grade I again was the art editor for the school yearbook. I entered every opportunity for artwork projects throughout my school years and was always selected until one day, in my senior year; I was turned down because no one else was getting a chance to showcase their work. I designed stage scenery for school plays and was in charge of decorating the entire gym for my junior and senior prom. In my senior year I submitted a portfolio to a national art contest and placed first at the state level.



When I entered the work world, I became a draftsperson working for the phone company, government contractors, and a security company. Being a draftsperson allowed me to use my design abilities. After years of drafting positions I landed a job at the local newspaper as a graphic designer where I was introduced to and fell in love with computer design.

After a few years at the newspaper I started my own graphic design business and was able to expand my artistic and design skills. Logo design was one of my strong fortes. My clients included Embassy Suites, Sutter Home Winery, the State of California in the realm of tobacco prevention, Napa County Education, and the cities of Napa, Vallejo, Suisun, Dixon and Vacaville.

As a graphic designer I was often called on to create illustrations on a variety of projects. This was always my favorite part of graphic design! After twenty years running my own business I retired from graphic design and am now venturing into my aspiration for years: illustraing children's books!